How Will Coronavirus Affect Christmas Celebration

  • 2020-12-04 05:34:00
  • By Codes And Discounts

Amongst many traditions celebrated with complete delight all over the world, Christmas can always be rated as the most joyous event. This tradition is specially looked forward to by children. The festivities continue for the whole day with kids enjoying their special Christmas gifts to the family sitting together on the table and ending the day with a nice, scrumptious meal. The day surely brings the closed ones together, no matter what part of the world they are in for most part of the year.

While this tradition is the most awaited one, we cannot deny the fact that COVID-19 is going to affect the celebrations, for sure.

With a lot of us hoping to have better situation worldwide, Christmas celebrations still won’t be the same. And here’s why that would happen.

Celebrations in Groups

Although it seems like an impossible thing to enjoy the festive occasion as one would do it normally, but some governments worldwide permitted the celebrations in small groups.

Now if we see how this idea was proposed by the governments of England, Scotland, and Northern Island, special measures will have to be taken by the people.

First of all, celebrating in large groups is prohibited. It is advised to celebrate it within small groups where 1 group would stay together till the end of the evening.

Moreover, a number of 12 people are suggested to be a part of the group. This sure has to be followed to ensure the smooth and heartiest celebrations even at this time of the pandemic.

Increase in Online Shopping

This, definitely, is the time for the increase in the popularity of Online Shopping. As the locals would not be allowed to visit the markets to shop, the people would head over to the online stores available.

This can be the best chance for people who are running small online businesses. Even the large scale ones can benefit a lot. The quality will matter the most. Obviously, a person buying the stuff to decorate the Christmas tree will want the supplies to be of the best quality. We really think that online stores with discounts and reasonable prices will be a sure hit.

A Quite New Year’s Eve

While thinking about the celebrations, the one thing that saddens a lot is how the places are going to be so quiet, even on New Year’s Eve.

It is very unlikely that house parties will be favored at this time of the year. People will have to be connected more electronically than in person.

This will decrease the Christmas spirit. But, we always believe that even if the time allows you to not be together, you can still have the connections during the lockdown. Just keep in contact and don’t let any special moment go by. This takes us to our next point.

Most Parties will be on Zoom

People are only allowed to have parties with a limited number of people as a part of it. 12 people are allowed at maximum. And it is very difficult that parties at a bigger level will be encouraged in any way.

So, people will have to be connected through Zoom. I know these parties will still won’t be equally good. But, hey, people have been marrying online. One thing that matters the most is that your loved ones are in contact with you at all times.

Of course, celebrations will continue at a bigger level once the pandemic is over.

Hosting the Christmas Parties at your Home

Here comes the tricky part. The person hosting the parties will have to go over a lot of things. You will have to see How many people will be invited to your home, and is your space large enough to allow social distancing inside? Important point being, where are they coming from? Take a look at the information regarding COVID-19 spreading faster or slower in that region?

See how will your guests travel to your home? Like will they use public transportation? Then, how long do you plan to have them inside your home? If you plan to host beyond a single evening, where will they live in your home? Does it require you to share a bedroom or a bathroom?

All of these things are important makers. After all SOPs are essential even if the pandemic gives the anxiety while hosting a party.

Create seating arrangements where you plan on how much distance to put between your household and your visitors. Do this even if it means a separate table. If possible, outside is best and can alleviate much risk.

Arrange your meals in advance, skim through the ideas but the best thing to do will be to skip a family-style or buffet-like set up this year. Have only one person allocated the task of being the runner or server, so that most everyone remains seated during dinner.

Wear masks when you're not eating even if this part is not the most favorite one. And also, make sure materials are available to your guests to clean their hands throughout the evening.

Still this does not mean, you  have to furiously scrub or disinfect each and every surface as soon as they're touched, but consider leaving disinfecting wipes or spray in your bathroom in your bathroom. Guests should be told the basic rules so they can clean their hands and then spray or wipe down handles, faucets, or doorknobs before they walk out.

Gift Giving This Year

Although the celebrations will become a major challenge but still do not refrain from accepting or giving out the gifts.

This includes a whole range. You can buy a lot of great gifts online or you can make the gifts at home too.

There are a lot of DIY ideas for gifts online.

Make sure you do the gift wrapping with your hands and home being completely sanitized. Then, keep the gift at the safest place.

This way once they go out you won’t be stressed.

Although this year Christmas will be hard, but we all might get a fair chance to participate and enjoy to the fullest. Most activities will be restricted but not the idea of still having your loved ones around will be less amusing.

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