How To Enjoy Christmas At Home This Year

  • 2020-12-06 07:46:00
  • By Codes And Discounts

As we move towards the second lockdown, our celebrations for this Christmas are subject to change. The change, however, does not mean that we cannot it’s something worse. As there are still tons of ways to celebrate the Christmas, so we will be discussing them one by one here.

The best way is to come with a lot of ideas that could be entertaining for kids, specially. After all, children add all the colors of fun to any event.

Seeing Santa

Let’s begin with the favorite part of the Christmas that the kids always look forward to. The gifts and the never ending wait for the Santa Claus.

Get a Christmas Message from Santa through online websites; this will amuse the children a lot.

Lots of entertainment companies are offering tailored recorded messages.

Or even better, some entertainment companies are offering personalized virtual parties. Join them all.

Get out for a Christmas Family Walk

While the meal is being prepped and the Turkey’s in the oven, take advantage of not hosting by getting out for some fresh air. Get wrapped up and get outside on your favorite family walk in the neighborhood. Walk down the streets, notice the ambience, breath into the refreshing and cold air, and be grateful for having the loved ones by your side. 

Even better, have a look at the local pubs open for a festive drink to combine it with a walk.

Christmas Doorstep Photos

Doorstep photography became popular in the last lockdown, and now we’re in the second lockdown, what better idea than getting a lovely photo of you and all your family together. 

This will be great keep sake and also perfect Christmas Presents for the Grandparents who haven’t been able to see their kids and grandkids much this year! 

And in this era of every advancing technology, you don’t need to get a photographer to do a photo shoot:  get a selfie stick or tripod, some Christmas decorations and you’re on your way!

Bake Together

Although you will be celebrating most of the Christmas at your home, but you can still be in contact with friends and family on online meetings. Plan the event and bake things together.

During the whole process, stay on the call

Bake all the festive treats now that will include christmas cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, pastries, breads, trifle, sweets – even the pudding itself; now is the time to get your festive baking game on and hone the skill to your full potential.

Dust off the old Christmas cookbook, as this time has itself to offer room for greater ideas. So, look for recipes online, or for the most creative and original ideas.

Or Better, Go for Takeaways!

Cook at your home and deliver it to any nearest café or bakery. You can even send your baked things to the neighborhood.

Celebrating together while following the SOPs will be the best move right now.

How will the house parties be allowed?

The rules for the traditional celebrations have been loosened a lot. As per new instructions by the government, a maximum of three families can meet in one house.

This will be explained as, meaning if you are a parent with three children who all live in separate households; you cannot all meet to celebrate Christmas.

But families, or groups, will get the chance to nominate the two other households with which they plan to “bubble” with; they will be prevented from changing that decision to block any attempts to meet with other relatives over the five-day period, or any specific period specified for this purpose.

As the rules were elaborated, it was also specified that children of divorced parents will be able to move between Christmas “bubbles” so they can see both parents, as support bubbles count as a single household for the period.

Enjoy some lockdown family time together

This part can be made super fun, just make sure that you enjoy your family time with some standard family activities, like watch a Family Christmas movie (Home Alone is my absolute FAVOURITE- you can search a lot more online), play some board games, or do a family quiz. Spend most of the time playing with your children’s favourite new toys or listen to their ideas of playing.

Ask everyone in the home to bake some Christmas buns or biscuits together to enjoy in the evening. There are lots of Christmas Games for children that you could play too!

Search for it Online and a plethora of ideas will come flowing in.

Dress Up for Christmas Dinner

A festive celebration should look like one. Just because it’s your household does not mean that you cannot keep things special.

Get that special dress out, that you have saved for Christmas.

And so, save your Christmas jumpers and cozy PJs for the rest of the day.

Get the drinks flowing

Christmas Day doesn’t have to be all about good food, make sure you have a great selection of drinks too and go big on it!

Involve the kids in every activity planned for the day. And you could even get them to help mix their own mock tails. This will keep them occupied and encouraged to enjoy the day to the fullest.


This Christmas is different and there is no doubt about that. But do see the silver lining it has in it for you. Now that you won’t have to party big and plan special for everyone, so treat yourself with things that YOU want to eat. There’s no judgment, no rules and no one gets a say in what you do.

Are Baked Beans or Peas the only vegetable your children will eat? Great then, go ahead and serve them up to accompany the Turkey.

Does everyone prefer ice cream over everything else for dessert? No need for that Christmas Pudding then. It’s your choice.

Get out your family favorites, make only those and RELAX.

This year’s Christmas Dinner is no different to a Family Sunday Dinner with a touch of the Festive aura, which I would always think will make it just more special!



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